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BSAVA Wildlife Book

BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties, 2nd edition

Edited by: Elizabeth Mullineaux, Emma Keeble

ISBN 978 1 905319 80 0

Normally 79 GBP
Special Offer 49 GBP

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BSAVA Wildlife Book

BSAVA Manual of Exotic Pet and Wildlife Nursing

Edited by: Molly Varga, Rachel Lumbis and Lucy Gott

ISBN-10: 1905319355

Normally 69 GBP
Special Offer 49 GBP

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BSAVA Raptor Book

BSAVA Manual of Raptors, Pigeons and Passerine Birds

Edited by: John Chitty and Michael Lierz

ISBN: 978 1 905319 04 6

Normally 89 GBP
Special Offer 30 GBP

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Les Stocker Book

Practical Wildlife Care

Les Stocker

ISBN-13: 978-1405127493



Alan Stewart Book

The Thin Green Line

Alan Stewart


Normally priced at €12
Special Offer Price €7

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Alan Stewart A Lone Furrow

A Lone Furrow -
the fight against wildlife crime

Alan Stewart

ISBN- 9781906134792



Alan Stewart Wildlife & The Law

Wildlife & The Law

Alan Stewart

ISBN-13: 978-1908931153



J Cooper Forensic Book

Introduction to Veterinary and Comparative Forensic Medicine

John E Cooper & Margaret E. Cooper
ISBN: 978-1405111010



J Cooper Birds Book

Captive Birds in Health and Disease

John E. Cooper & Margaret E. Cooper
ISBN: 0888395388




Wildlife Papers / Publications

Kelly, A., Scrivens, R. and Grogan, A. (2010)
Post-release survival of orphaned wild-born polecats (Mustela putorius) reared in captivity at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in England. Endangered Species Research 12(2):107-115.
Davide Csermely (1999)
Behaviour of hand-reared orphaned long-eared owls and tawny owls after release in the wild Dipartimento di Biologia Evolutiva e Funzionale, Università di Parma,
Parco Area delle Scienze 11A, I-43100 Parma (Italy)
Wallach A, Inbar M, Lambert R, Cohen S & Shanas U (2007)
Hand-rearing roe deer: practice and research potential International Zoo Yearbook 42: 183-193
Steve Bexton and David Couper (2010)
Handling and veterinary care of British bats In Practice 2010;32:254-262 doi:10.1136/inp.c2899


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