Licences and Legislation


A licence is needed to keep in your possession any protected wild animal or bird

Animal Species Protected Under the Wildlife Acts

Mammals Amphibians Reptiles Invertebrates
All Bat species
All Deer species
Hare species
Pine Marten
Red Squirrel
Dolphin species
Porpoise species
Seal species
Whale species
Pygmy Shrew
Natterjack Toad
Common Frog
Common Newt
Common Lizard
Leatherback turtle
Freshwater crayfish
Freshwater pearl mussel
Kerry slug

CLICK HERE for a Licence to Keep an Injured or Disabled Protected Wild Animal or Bird

Post: print, fill in and post the appropriate licence to:
Wildlife Licence Unit
National Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of Housing
90 King Street North
Dublin 7
D07 N7CV

Phone: (064) 662 7300
If you need clarification regarding the type of licence you need, call the Licensing dept on (01) 888 3242


  • Irish Law – a few examples:
    • Wildlife Act
    • Flora (Protection) Order
    • The Planning and Development Act
    • Whale Fisheries Act
    • Restrictions on Use of Poison Bait
  • EU Directives – a few examples:
    • Birds
    • Habitat
    • Water Framework
  • National Biodiversity Plan
  • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

The full ‘Acts/Orders’ can be found in the ‘Legislation & Conventions’ section of the National Parks and Wildlife Service website: or click HERE
Or you can search the Irish Statue Book at