Rehabilitation Guidelines

Minimum Standards & Guidelines for Wildlife Rehabilitation

The documents, created by rehabilitators for rehabilitators, set out standards for; procedures, hygiene and housing, rehabilitation and release of wildlife under rehabilitation. They represent the most current knowledge, expertise and techniques in wildlife rehabilitation.

All rehabilitators are encouraged to explore and understand the principles underlying these standards, and to apply them in the everyday care of wild animals and birds in order to maximise the return of native animals to the wild.

WRI are working on producing an Irish standards guidelines document. It will be an amalgamation of the information below but the references will be to Irish legislation and organisations.

RSPCA RSPCA Establishment Standards
May 2010
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BWRC Guidelines for Wildlife Rehabilitation Units

BVZS Good Practice Guidelines for Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres
Oz govt logo Government of Western Australia, Department of Parks & Wildlife: Standards for wildlife rehabilitation in Western Australia
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NWRA logo
Minimum Standards for Wildife Rehabilitation: International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council & National Wildlife Rehabilitation Council