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Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland aims:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is an umbrella organisation promoting wildlife rehabilitation & supporting the rehabilitators who work in this field in Ireland

  • Promote wildlife rehabilitation
  • Encourage standardisation of care
  • Support Irish rehabilitators
  • Provide continuing professional development opportunities
  • Build an Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital

Wildlife Hospital – Why Ireland needs one and what it does

WRI Hospital

We have some very exciting news to share!

Due to the significant increase in awareness of wildlife during the pandemic, the demand for the rehabilitation of wild animals has rocketed since March last year. WRI has responded by creating an interim Emergency Wildlife Hospital which is situated at Garlow Cross in Co. Meath.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to make the new Wildlife Hospital permanent. Ireland’s wildlife is in trouble, many species are struggling to survive, some are becoming extinct. The wildlife we have need all the help we can give.

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Wildlife Hospital
WRI’s project to build Ireland’s first Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital and Nature Education Centre

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