Wildlife Rehabilitation Resource

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland aims:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is an organisation promoting wildlife rehabilitation in Ireland

  • Promote wildlife rehabilitation
  • Encourage standardisation of care
  • Provide continuing professional development opportunities
  • Build an Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital

Wildlife Hospital – Why Ireland needs one and what it does

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Important Notice; Avian Flu is currently present in Ireland

avian flu psa

Please do not handle sick or dead birds. Report any birds of concern to the Dept. of Agriculture on 1850 200 456.

Currently, the wri helpline cannot respond to calls for any birds.

If you find a sick or dead waterbird species, or bird of prey, contact your local Department, Veterinary Office, or ring the Avian Influenza Helpline: 076 106 4403  before doing anything with it. 

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Wildlife Hospital
WRI’s project to build Ireland’s first Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital and Nature Education Centre

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