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Sea eagle

Wildlife Crime & Conservation Conference 2020

Wildlife Crime & Conservation Conference 2020 Crimes against Wildlife, & Mitigation for Wildlife Protection 24th & 25th October 2020 Human activity, deliberate or otherwise, continues to have a negative impact on Ireland’s environment and wildlife; the aim of this conference is to identify some of the threats, problems, and solutions to resolve this.

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Conf 2018

Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference 2018

Across the country, there’s a network of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to help some of our most vulnerable neighbours. Late-night feeds, cuts and scratches and constant goodbyes go hand-in-hand with their largely voluntary roles but neither this, nor juggling tasks with full-time jobs, families or other life responsibilities, deters them from their mission.

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Mick Moran 2015

Irish Wildlife Crime Conference 2015

In 2013, Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland hosted Ireland’s first Wildlife Crime Conference, which brought together members of An Garda Síochána, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), veterinary practitioners, animal welfare and conservation groups and interested general public, to raise awareness of, and discuss the various issues surrounding, wildlife crime in Ireland. Following on from this […]

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Irish Wildlife Crime Conference 2013

In September 2013, Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland (WRI) ran Ireland’s first All-Ireland Wildlife Crime Conference. It brought together an extremely diverse audience of over 150 delegates, for a weekend of talks and practical sessions, with the intention of promoting greater understanding, cooperation and communication between the law enforcement agencies, charities, NGOs and the public in general.

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Adam Grogan 2012

Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference 2012

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland exists to promote wildlife rehabilitationand improve wildlife welfare and conservation in Ireland. The conference is run over 2 days: Saturday had over 70 delegates from the general public and Sunday was attended by over 80 Vets and Vet Nurses. Anyone can attend lectures and learn a bit more about Ireland’s wildlife and […]

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John Couper 2011

Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference 2011

We were delighted to see so many of you attended the 2010 conference and we were overwhelmed by the number of appreciative emails that we received subsequently; many thanks to you all. This year, in order to cater for different levels of wildlife knowledge , we will be providing two ‘streams’ of talks and practical […]

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