Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland Forms

Volunteer Forms

Volunteers do not replace staff but add an extra dimension to the quality of service offered.
If there are volunteers associated with your organisation these are some reasons why you should have these forms in place.

Firstly, volunteers deserve to be thanked and recognised for their work because it is important.
Secondly, you are liable for their wellbeing in a legal sense.
Thirdly, people acting in you agency’s name should be very clear about their obligations and should be competent for the task.
Fourthly, volunteer numbers increase by word of mouth and if you look after them, they will bring their friends!

Animal Forms

Although the arrival of a new wildlife casualty demands an immediate response and as such renders you unavailable for other duties, we would appeal to you all to nonetheless make it a priority to incorporate the accurate recording of the wildlife casualty’s details into your admission procedure.