Can you donate equipment to WRI?

If you’re thinking of donating to us and would prefer to give a gift instead of money, take a look at our Amazon wishlist to see if there’s anything on there you’d like to order for us. Prices start from only a couple of euro and the animals are very grateful for anything you can give them. Some of the items on our list help us in our daily work, while others are things that the wild animals in our care really appreciate while they’re recovering at the WRI Hospital.

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Patients will be arriving at the WRI Hospital soon and we need your help with the following:

  • Metal shelving/racks required to stack small animal housing
  • Blackout or Thermal curtains
  • Bed linen/duvet (will be for volunteers for use during 24 hours of on-site care)
  • Large Blender
  • Industrial washing machine
  • Belfast/large sink
  • Outdoor/Indoor paint
  • Wire Mesh
  • Wooden fencing posts
  • Portacabin
  • Office Supplies
  • Newspaper
  • Thick Gloves/Welders gloves
  • Incubator
  • Heating Pads
  • Rolls of cotton wool/pads
  • Heat Lamps
  • Indoor rabbit/guinea pig cages
  • Stretchers
  • Basins/tubs
  • Extra Large Compost Bins
  • Shallow Ceramic Dishes
  • Heat mats/pad
  • Household digital scales
  • Pet carriers of all sizes
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies
  • Supermarket Vouchers to buy food
  • Royal Canin baby cat milk
  • Tins of dog and cat food in jelly
  • Dried cat food
  • Wildbird seed
  • Pigeon Food

Amazon Wishlist »

If you have anything else that is not listed that you think could be helpful just pop an email to We are also appealing for help from tradesmen/women and building material suppliers in transforming the outside stables and grounds for use. If you can help, please contact

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