Irish Wildlife Matters website launched

The purpose of the wildlife first aid website Irish Wildlife Matters (IWM) is to address the lack of easily accessible information on Irish wildlife rescue and
first aid. IWM has three sections:

  • Section one is for the member of public who finds the casualty and provides basic first aid advice
  • Section two provides advice for the rehabilitator who takes responsibility for the long term rehabilitation of the casualty
  • Section three is a veterinary section advising on common conditions, treatment, drugs and dosages and more

An unending stream of diverse queries regarding all types of wildlife rescue and care led to the challenge of creating a resource that could respond to questions from a diverse audience for a wide selection of Irish birds and mammals.
IWM aims to provide an easily accessible, clear and concise, free, online overview of the rescue methods, medical treatment, rehabilitation and release of the majority of species of Irish wildlife casualties.

The hope is that an understanding of the wildlife on our doorsteps will generate a greater appreciation and understanding of the role that wildlife plays in Ireland’s biodiversity.

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